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There are many points that can be listed under The Good News: salvation from sin, redemption from death, grace, the healing/ cleansing and protective power of the Blood of the Lamb - even the power of praise! - and these are just a few. In these last hours of the last days of this earth age one can argue another point that should be added to the list is the awakening of the real, bloodline descendants of the House of Jacob! At that point is accepted and proclaimed. 

Unfortunately, the reason the word 'argue' is in the second sentence of this article is because racism and prejudice creates obstacles for many people when they discover that the descendants of Jacob are Black, a.k.a. African-American (also Afro-Latino, Afro-Brit, West African, etc.). Racism is still prevalent throughout Christendom. The ecclesiastical leaders of the church during the Renaissance era white-washed and/ or corrupted what was common knowledge in the ancient world: Jacob and his descendants were black. Those Judeans who suffered the destruction of their holy city, Jerusalem were Black. They found themselves forced into exile, moving further south into the the African continent (modern day Palestine is actually located in north-east Africa), and many of those who could not escape the Roman invasion were sold into slavery once the city was destroyed.


Those who fled south maintained their identity and cultural roots for several centuries. They founded at least two or three kingdoms that were ultimately destroyed or suffered cultural obliteration with the rise of Mohammedism (Islam).  The European explorers and historians who joined or followed the footsteps of European slavers named the region from where their precious commodity was taken 'Negro-land'; the so-called 'Africans' that were stolen and shipped across the Atlantic were descendants of the Hebrew-Israelites.

The Most High prophesied the awakening of His people; that He would rouse them from the lands where they would be scattered via slavery:

"The children also of Judah and the children of Jerusalem have ye sold unto the Grecians, that ye might remove them far from their border.

Behold, I will raise them out of the place wither ye have sold them ..."

The 'raising' of the children of Judah/ Jerusalem is happening right now. Those who are focused, who are paying attention are receiving a blessing. What blessing? The blessing of seeing/ witnessing the fulfillment of Biblical prophesy!! It is happening all around us. Black people are waking up to the truth about our heritage throughout the world. We are proclaiming it on street corners, throughout the internet and on local television. Videos, documentaries, web-sites, ministries and organizations are springing up throughout the globe proclaiming this stupendous news. is one of them.  Along with sharing that the so-called Black Americans/ African-Americans are Hebrew-Israelites via creative literature (praises/ psalms, fiction, haiku and even comics), we also have basic, informative literature that proclaims this Good News! Both pamphlets and booklets, even post cards are a means of sharing this information. 


Please check out the following Youtube videos from other ministries and organizations for more information and proof about this remarkable truth concerning our heritage and descendancy from the House of Jacob.







Check out the links below for our downloadable pamphlet and booklets. You can also read them here on the ministry web-site; or if you know someone who might be interested in learning about this you can print out them out as well. 

Along with literature on the descendants of the House of Jacob we also have started to provide information on the real Name and ethnicity of the Messiah Himself. These truths are important for sincere, heart-felt believers and followers of our Master and King. Please check out this information as well. 

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