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Haiku is pronounced"high-coo", and it is a form of Japanese poetry. 

Technical information aside, haiku is nature poetry at its finest! Nature is traditionally the topic of a haiku verse; an interesting, exciting or perhaps  tragic moment witessed in nature is written down in one, short verse.


One cannot read the Book of Psalms without acknowledging that King David surely spent time in solitud, in nature, pondering and writing praises about the wondrous works of the Almighty.












Artistic Ministry supports and encourages any creative expression glorifying Yahuwah Almighty. Haiku is in that category. As mentioned earlier, haiku verses can be about any subject, and of any length. Most of the haiku presented on this site will be about nature-moments, however, many touch on other topics such as social and spiritual issues. While these haiku verses speak on a variety of subjects they all bring us to the Almighty and our relationship - or lack of relationship - with Him and His Son, Yahushuwah Ha Mashiyach. 


  • Most English speakers are taught to write haiku in three lines with five syllables, then seven syllables and then five more.


  • Try writing a haiku with as many syllables as you like - cut out any extra, unneccesarry words!


  • Write about nature:


       a butterly suddenly fluttering over your        cat's head


       a flower's reflection in a rain drop




       sunlight on a window sill


Enjoy these haiku and, as always, feel free to create some of your own! 

ATTENTION: All haiku on this website ( are written by Tzipporah Ibrim, and is copywrited material. Reproducing, copying or any other use of these written materials is not authorized without express written permission by the author.

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