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In The Volume Of Praise is proud to present In The Volume Of Praise, a collection of five smaller works written by Tzipporah Ibrim. These works were penned during the past seventeen years and have finally been collected into one impressive volume. The individual chapbooks 'Praises For The King', 'Food When My Mouth Is Covered', 'If I Should Die Before I Wake', 'Alabanzas For Yahuwah' and 'Psalms, But Not For Sunday' are no longer available, making this collection even more important. 

What is so important about praises? What is a praise? Who can write them? All of these questions can be answered with the Volume Of Praise, as well as the interview with Tzipporah Ibrim below. This inspirational book will be available through the website in the next few weeks.

These inspirational titles now in one complete collection for the first time!

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Praises For The King

Food When My Mouth Is Covered

If I Should Die Before I Wake

Alabanzas For Yahuwah

Psalms, But Not For Sunday



Writer/artist tzipporah shares her feelings about writing praises to the Almighty, and their use as a means of strength, peace and inspiration .


For tzipporah, there are times when creating prosaic psalms as an offering to the Almighty Creator can be so inspiring that her mind is awash with ideas and images that are impossible to ignore!


There are also times when painful or poignant feelings have been a point of inspiration in writing praises, "I've spent a lot of time 

reading and studying the Book of Psalms," tzipporah shared, "and one thing that I noticed is that Melek Dawud (King David) poured out his feelings in many of his psalms. He didn't hold anything back. He wrote about shame and remorse for his sins, bitterness and anger towards enemies, frustration over the people and the cruelty and wickedness he witnessed. He even wrote psalms where he asked the Almighty to destroy his enemies. That is when it kind of dawned on me that I could bare my heart to the Most High, Yahuwah. That there is nothing I cannot include in a praise." (cont.)


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