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The Prince of Beasts - Cesare Borgia

Faithful believers and followers of the Messiah (Who the world mistakenly calls 'Jesus Christ') follow the observation made by our Master and King, Yahushuwah to the woman of Samaria: we worship in Spirit and in truth. Once we learn the truth about the deception and identity theft that has been used against His people for nearly seven centuries we decided it was time to tell the truth, to expose the lies and scandals surrounding the man seen in the majority of paintings that are used to represent the Good Shepherd.

Why? It is important to do this because many Christians have that well-known, fraudulent image in their mind's eye when they close them in prayer and reverence. They are associating the Prince of Peace with a man who was the EXACT OPPOSITE. Surely you can see the blatant disrespect and insult in setting us up to be victims of this deceit! If those early ecclesiastical leaders wanted to present to the masses the face of a man to have in their mind's eye, they would have been better off using an unknown baker or fisherman! After all, no one would have known. 

Instead, they chose an undeserving, disrepectful and wicked man to portray before the world as our Savior and Mediator at the throne of the Most High. One cannot help but wonder if those individuals who conceived and carried out this trickery, and those who have helped perpetuate the disbelief that this individual is actually the Afro-Shemetic, Hebrew-Israelite, Messiah, were agents of spiritual darkness, minions of the rulers of the spiritual darkness of this world. 

The scriptures state plainly that 'the world has been given into the hand of the wicked' (Job 9:24), and also that the wicked are at war with the Most High and His Son, and His people (Eph. 6: 12-17). The enemy usurped the church (this can be seen in all of the pagan/ satanic rituals, holidays and doctrines) and propped up a man to serve as his own 'savior'. His name is Cesare Borgia, the son of Pope Alexander VI. His lifestyle and actions were so vile that he is clearly unworthy to bear the title 'Prince of Peace'. A more accurate and fitting title would be 'Prince of Beasts'. This statement might seem dramatic yet, when you read through his history there are more than a few who might say that even that title,  Prince of Beasts, is an understatement. 

The following videos, documentaries and articles are presented to inform interested followers of the Hebrew Messiah and Savior of the world concerning the man behind the mask.  They are also presented to help give reason to why it is disrespectful and surely angering to our Mediator to have such a wicked and perverse man in their mind's eye when they are praying and/ or calling on Him.

He observed that the truth sets us free ( John 8:32). Free to do what? Free to make better, wiser, healthier choices. Wiser choices on how we spend our time, money, energy and more importantly, to whom we choose to dedicate our emotional/ spiritual adoration and commitment. Keep that statement in mind as you watch the following videos and read the articles included on this web-page. Ask yourself if any of those unsuspecting Christians who lived during the sixteen hundreds, eighteen hundreds or even back in the Middle Ages would have continued serving under the ecclesiastical leadership if they knew what you are learning through this information.

For that matter, would your own ancestors and even immediate family members have continued attending church services and activities, paying tithes and offerings, and serving in the church if they knew the truth behind the man painted in all of the stained glass windows, in all of the bible story books, coloring books, statues, tapestries and portraits; and perhaps just as important, that many of their church leaders in fact did know the truth you are now learning but kept it a secret, and furthered the deception and disrespect shown to the real Messiah and Savior?

These questions, this article and its presentation is what stems from worshiping the Father (and by extension, His Son) in spirit and in truth (John 4:23). Most of these videos can been found on Youtube, the audio clips are of excerpts from much longer videos that have no bearing on the subject or theme of this web-page; and citation references for books and article will be given at the end of the articles. More information on this topic can be found on other pages on this web-site, all are encouraged to read them and whenever possible, download and print them out so that they can be shared with others. Revealing these bitter truths is also part of sharing the Good News.  shalom

Artist/ Historian George Stuart gives a light-hearted, historical presentation on the controversial legacy of the Borgia family during Carnevale Venture 2013.  While the information is dark and  unsettling, Stuart's quasi comedic narrative makes it palatable for the audience and viewers.

This audio clip contains portions covering Cesare Borgia's more notorious deeds (and rumored deeds): the murder of a sibling, of his brother-in-law, a savage military campaign and his mysterious death.

Cesare Borgia's Infamy - George Stuart
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Two audio clips on historical observations on Cesare Borgia's infamous legacy of murder and debauchary; also one of Machiavelli's well-known quotes from his work The Prince, based on the political machinations of Cesare Borgia.

Cesare's Dark Legacy -
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  •  Cesare’s libertine behavior had led him to catch syphilis, which would one day cause him to wear a mask.



  • Cesare…used an enclosed courtyard of condemned men as target practice with his crossbow.   


  •    On the occasion when a Roman satirist alluded to Cesare’s depraved behavior, he had his tongue cut out and nailed to his severed hand.

The citations can be found in  the book The Artist, The Philosopher and The Warrior - Leonard, Machiavelli, and Borgia and the World They Shaped, by Paul Strathern. 2009. Bantam Books. NewYork

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