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Did You Know 'Jesus' Was Black?



A famous anthropologist, Cheikh Anta Diop, spent most of his life investigating the Ancient Egyptians. He wanted to refute the European and Arab claims that the Ancient Egyptians did not have its origins in Black Africa. His information, along with the following pictures of Ancient Egyptian artifacts, support his stand. 


Here is a list of eleven arguments that stand the test of time, successfully destroying racist theories that the Ancient Egyptians were European or Arab:
1.    Physical Anthropology
The skeletons and skulls of Ancient Egyptian remains are of Negroid people.
2.    Melanin Dosage Test
‘Melanin’ is the chemical that makes black skin.

Diop’s tests on the remains of Ancient Egyptians

showed levels of melanin in the skin that prove

they were “unquestionably among the Black race”.
3.    Osteological Evidence
Testing the bones is the most accurate way of

classifying a skeleton’s race. It was first done

on the Ancient Egyptians by a German

archeologist named Karl Richard Lepsius

in the 1800s.

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