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Did You Know 'Jesus' Was Black?


Why Is It Important To Know The Truth About 'Jesus'?




There are those who might wonder why it is so important to know the real race, or color of the Savior. The world has grown accustomed to seeing a European, or white-skinned man portrayed as “Jesus”. It has been this way for nearly two thousand years. It is a false image. How

can you pray to a false image?  Seriously, when most Christians

pray, they close their eyes and see the image of a white man with

blue or brown eyes, and long hair. The most popular images

of “Jesus” are actually based on portraits of Cesare 













  •    ”Cesare’s libertine behavior had led him to catch syphilis, which would one day cause him to wear a mask.”



  • Cesare…used an enclosed courtyard of condemned men as target practice with his crossbow.   


  •    On the occasion when a Roman satirist alluded to Cesare’s depraved behavior, he had his tongue cut out and nailed to his severed hand  

Borgia, the son of a Catholic Pope, Alexander VI, who lived in the medieval period of Europe.  Research into the lifestyle of Cesare Borgia and his family shows that he was not someone worthy of representing our Master and Savior. The Borgia family was known for having their enemies killed; there were rumors of incest between family members; and Cesare was strongly suspected of murdering his brother, and also his sister’s husband.  Believe it or not, Cesare was regarded as a savvy leader and his political tactics won him the admiration of many political theorists. Parts of The Prince, a book written by Machiavelli outlines how to successfully rule a kingdom; it was partially based on the actual underhanded dealings of Cesare Borgia. 
    These well-documented facts might surprise the unsuspecting Christian, and should cause them to question why this man’s portrait was used to represent the real, Black Messiah.  Are you not shocked or even outraged that one, the true identity of the Black Messiah who died for the sins of the world was corrupted and/or hidden; and two, that the European man they chose to represent Him in the mind’s eye of Christians was a vile, depraved man known for poisoning his enemies? How is that not blasphemy?!

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