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My name is phyllis mcmillon and I am the founder, editor-in-chief

(and every other editor) for this ministry.  Founded on a love and

testimony of the Most High and HIs Son, Yahushuwah Ha

Mashiach.  I have always had a belief and a connection to Them

from a young age, though I confess that in my younger years it

waxed and waned.


I blame the inconsistencies to the folly of youth, ignorance, pride. Now, of course, knowing the truth about my real, ancient heritage as a descendant of the People of the Book I see where the prophetic curses were at work in my life, and played a part in the strange and false deities that I worshipped.

Seriously. I was raised in the 'Organized Christian Church'. As a teenager I joined the LDS faith (aka Mormon) and served a two year mission. I left the Mormon faith a year after returning from my mission. I fell very hard. I lived a lesbian lifestyle for several years, during which time I became interested in Buddhism; and I drifted into transgenderism for a few years.  During that time I was celibate. I can honestly look back over those years and - as the saying goes - take what I like and leave the rest!

As a lesbian I began working on my recovery as a co-dependent, and an adult child of an alcoholic. I spent several years in therapy working on early childhood recovery. I began the painful but necessary process of regaining precious memories from my childhood that explained why I embraced lesbianism. Also, transgenderism and where it came from. I learned the difference between sexuality and gender. Which is why I was celibate those few years that I lived as a trans. I wanted to understand why I felt that way, where it came from and how to address it.  As the answers began to rise it was easy to let go of, and I have never regretted it. 

I understand that it was part of my journey. My relationship with the Almighty and His Precious Son would not be real/authentic if I had not been honest with those parts of myself.  Just as I was open to exploring and learning what was behind those feelings and urges, I was open to hearing the Most High when He called to me in the spiritual darkness where I was at that time. Of course, during this entire time there was always a group of people "messing with me" (that is how I described it at the time).  

They spread rumors about me on campus, wrecked friendships, and I am convinced that it was because of them that I was somehow never eligible for educational grants or scholarships, only loans. I was struggling to stay in school and was poor. I lived in various shelters during this time, and they were there as well, like some malignant, computer program running in the background. It seemed as if every time things started improving for me, something would happen and I would fall back down.

Somehow, in the midst of all of this, I graduated from college and got accepted into a post-baccalaureate program.  My financial aid went haywire - again! - and I had to drop out of the program. I came home one day to find eviction notices on EVERY SINGLE UNIT IN THE BUILDING. The building was run by various welfare and community outreach programs, but was actually owned by some company that went bankrupt ... to make a long story short, I ended up homeless again. 

However, a year and a half prior to that I learned the truth about my ancient heritage, that me and my family are descendants of the Hebrew-Israelites, that our dire conditions (spiritual, emotional/ mental, financial, political, etc.) are the results and manifestation of the prophetic curses prophesied to overtake them if they fell away from the Law of Moses and broke the Covenant they entered into with the Most High there, on Mt. Sinai. I had begun making changes in my life, keeping the Sabbath, studying the scriptures with an understanding that surpassed all previous journeys into the Word of the Most High. 

As such, when I went into the homeless shelter this time I had a strength, courage and testimony of the Most High and His Son. I shared the Good News with everyone. I created a newsletter for the shelter. I taught a creative writing class. I joined the community organizing team and practiced social justice. I'm fairly certain that there was not one person that I talked with who did not hear my testimony and knowledge of who we are as a people.

Oh, and the ones who were "messing with me"? They were still around. Their tactics were the same but the results were different because I had the Almighty Creator of heaven and earth watching my back now! I wrote praises to Him and His Son every day. I prayed every day. I testified and proclaimed the Good News everyday. Even now, though I have left the shelter, I still run into some of the folks that were there with me and they always mention my talks with them about the scriptures! I had entered the shelter with a promise that I made to Abba Yahuwah and HIs Son, Yahushuwah, that I would proclaim the Good News.

He blessed me with a job and a place to stay. A few months later I founded, and a year or two later I learned that there is a name for what those people who were "messing with me" is called: GANG-STALKING! I am a T.I., a Targeted Individual. Why? What is so 'bad', 'interesting', 'special', 'intimidating', 'scandalous', or 'troubling' about me and my journey that I am deserving of their attention?

For now, I will say I don't know. However, just as I honestly faced those feelings and issues around lesbianism and transgenderism to get to the core of where they came from, I am doing the same with being a T.I. The Light of the Messiah, Yahushuwah shines into the darkness where witch/ gang-stalkers operate and He is showing me truths, cultivating my understanding. None of His Words were given or preserved in vain. He made it very clear: "Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known" (Matt. 10:26)

As such, my knowledge about gang-stalking/ targeting is deepening. I am convinced that it is evil, wrong and a weapon of the enemy meant to stifle and thwart the children of obedience (the servants and soldiers of the Almighty Father), and that many of the perpetrators who are targeting us do not really understand the risks they are taking with their own standing in eternity.

This ministry is here to spread the Good News of the Messiah about salvation for all who call upon His Name; and to share the truth about the ancient heritage of the descendants of the so-called 'African slave trade'; and to inform, inspire and support victims of gang-stalking/ targeting. If you are interested in any of these areas then I hope you feel comfortable checking out the website and various programs that are happening and in development.  

There are 'Comment' sections on most of the pages, so feel free to share your opinions and ideas.  Oh, please keep in mind that perpetrators are more than likely monitoring this site and my e-mails so if you drop me a line and I don't respond, they might have removed it. So, be patient and send me another one. 

As annoying as it is to be targeted and harassed by them, it is proof that I must be doing something right! Seriously, haters and the children of disobedience do not spend their time and energy on stalking other haters and children of disobedience, the former is as lost as the latter. They target and stalk the children of obedience, the children of the Most High.





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