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                                  is a non-profit, website dedicat-

                                           ed to providing creative, inspirational works for

                                           Hebrew and Gentile believers. Be it poetry, fiction,

                                           comic books, haiku - even postcards and buttons! -

                                           all can be used to share the Good News of 

                                           Yahushuwah 'Ha Mashiyach' (The Messiah): He lives,

 His sacrifice on the tree makes repentence and salvation possible to all humanity.


Wherever indicated these works are available for a very small fee (generally to cover postage and shipping). They make excellent gifts and/or can be used for interesting and stimulating conversation. Often talking to someone about "Ha Besorah" (the Good News) can plant a seed of interest in someone's heart that may one day sprout and grow into a fervent testimony, placing one more soul on the way to Salvation. That is the hoped-for end result of Artistic









If you have an artistic creation or even an idea about making art that can be used to wake up the House of Jacob and/or Gentiles please feel free to share it with us! We are also open to positive, constructive criticism on ways to improve this web-site.












PLEASE NOTE: Artistic Ministry isnot affiliated with any religious organization, Hebrew-Israelite camp or religion. This web-site will not solicit or proseletize anyone contacting or purchasing from our website.

Artistic is pleased to be present Tzipporah Ibrim's  'Peculiar People - A Scholarly & Literary Reader'. This intellectual and creative work is an excellent addition for every truth-seekers collection; it is also a helpful tool for those interested in gaining an understanding of the stupendous awakening of Jacob's descendants . 'Peculiar People' explores many of the most controversial and interesting subjects they are exploring and addressing in this spiritual exodus out of the land of their enemies. Many of the topics covered on our websites (the Sacred Name of our Heavenly Father, the Sacred Name of our Messiah, the true cultural identity of Black/ Af. Americans, etc.) are greatly amplified and presented in 'Peculiar People'.

Ibrim's 'Peculiar People' also provides creative and inspirational pieces from various genres wherein the truth about the cultural heritage of the so-called 'Black or Af. American' can be shared. Some of the praises, editorial cartoons and even comic panels from Artistic can be found in 'Peculiar People' as well. If you or someone you know appreciates and enjoys inspirational and intellectual approaches to sharing the truths of The Most High then Ibrim's 'Peculiar People - A Scholarly and Literary Reader' is a must!

Click here for an excerpt from the 'Introduction' of Tzipporah Ibrim's upcoming work 'Peculiar People - A Scholarly & Literary Reader'!

ATTENTION: Books,  booklets and

pamphlets can be purchased from




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