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This African wood sculpture is a more accurate rendering of what the true/ real Messiah and Savior of the world looked like than all of the Baroque, Renaissance and modern European paintings of Him combined! 

The truth is out now. We know that the majority of paintings of the Messiah are actually based on the portrait of a man named Cesare Borgia, the son of Pope Alexander VI. The Borgia family was infamous for their perversions; and Cesare was at the top of the list!


His sexual indiscretions led to the contraction of syphilis which reached such an advanced stage that it is believed to have been the cause of his sudden and brutal death. He carried a psychotic, incestuous affection for his sister, Lucretia which played itself out through the murder of her husband. He was also suspected of murdering his older brohter, Giovanni out of jealousy and ambition. 

These are recorded, historical facts about Cesare Borgia. How could anyone have chosen such a vile individual to 'represent' the Prince of Peace?

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