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For Myron May

Myron May was a respectable, thirty-something, attorney. He was also a targeted individual. Under the pressure of the program's cruel tactics and protocols Myron made a detailed recording of what he endured. In it he lists the names of his perpetrators' tactics used against him; as well as other information supporting his torment. Below is a list of some of the tactics he names and the experiences he suffered.

  • Anchoring

  • Brighting

  • Image Induction Technology ('Voice Of God Weapons')

  • Isolation

  • Noise Campaigns

  • Hacking

  • Mobbing

  • Electronic Harassment 

Myron's painful narrative includes the betrayal of friends who were 'recruited' by his stalkers to participate in his torment; personal, physical violations from energy-beam weapons and micro-wave frequency invasions designed to make him think he was suffering from schizophrenia/ mental illness (i.e. hearing voices).  Myron makes it very clear that targeting/ gang stalking is highly organized, professionally coordinated and is supported by local and federal government agencies. 

Myron was an ordinary, professional with a humble belief in Christianity. At one point in his recording he offers a tender, humble prayer of forgiveness. It is with a heavy heart that we end this account by sharing that on Nov. 20, 2014 Myron went to the library on the campus of Florida State University and shot and injured several people. He was shot and killed by college and local authorities. It was through their investigation into his actions that brought to light the last torturous years of his life. 

Myron's detailed recording of the tactics used by his perpetrators can be substantiated and confirmed. He lists books and names of individuals involved in the development and creation of some of the electronic weapons used against him. is including the three-part testimony he recorded as a hope that it will provide information and proof for anyone suffering from any of the tactics Myron experienced. You are not 'imaging' what is happening. You are not alone. There are many ordinary, humble, and innocent people throughout the country, and across the world who are being victimized by this horrific program. May his testimony and experience be a source of insight and information to you. does NOT endorse nor support his final actions. Again, this page is published with the hopes that it will keep the spotlight on targeting/ gang-stalking, and the devastating and unjust results it produces. This page is published to drag the targeting program out of the shadows, that the public can be made aware of what is going on. This page is published as a memorial to Myron's struggle. It was real. It was unfair. It was unethical. It was unjust. His story will not die.


  • Miami Herald. Nov. 21, 2014

Myron May Testimony, pt. 1

Myron May Testimony, pt. 3

Tyrone Dew, a Targeted Individual, had the opportunity to sit down and speak w/ Dr. Robert Duncan, the man who actually designed several of the energy-beam weapons that are being used against ordinary innocent citizens in the US, and across the globe. Click here to watch his interview on YouTube.

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