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Yup, you got it! Haiku and comics make great friends. A few lines of text that capture a special moment combined with great (well ... in this case, maybe not so great) comic illustrations and you've got a haiku comic strip!! 


This haiku comic is called 'Once Upon A Haiku' and introduces a new character to the Artistic Ministry, her name is - surprise! - Haiku, a loner poet in need of a rescue. Perhaps her sojourn through Artistic Ministry will pique her curiosity; the Valley of Decisions is a few doors down so maybe she'll wander over there and find the real source of her poetry and haiku.  


In the meantime, enjoy this fledgling attempt at creating and blending haiku and comics! In all honesty it is a bona fide genre with lots of fantastic poet/artists making wonderful contributions to creative literature. Feel free to check out this link for haiku-comics and see for yourself. Remember, there are no limits on age, race, gender or social class when it comes to creativity. So if you feel inspired or moved to write a haiku or - gasp! - draw a picture to go with it, by all means do so!
















































































































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