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INSPIRATION BEHIND THE MINISTRY: praises are a large room


(cont. from In The Volume Of Praises)

"I feel most comfortable writing praises in a prosaic style fashioned after the old English of the Elizabethan period of Great Britain," Tzipporah explains, "that is the tone of the King James Version of the Scriptures - which is the version that I was raised on. So, for me all of the 'thou', 'thee', and 'wherefore' has a more reverential sound than modern English. In fact, I've always been kind of taken aback whenever I've read modern versions of the Bible. There is this casual sound to it that doesn't feel serious. So, when I write praises, I feel that I am speaking to the Almighty, so I choose a tone that is reverential and humble."

When asked about her opinion that penning praises is comparable to the 'large room', she explained that it is a phrase that King David/ Melek Dawud used in one of his psalms, "Of course, I have no idea exactly what he was referring to, but for me I feel that writing praises, pondering on the Most High is akin to being in a large room with ample space to relax, to actually grow. It shows me that my life is not confined or cramped. A room can also be private, which offers an even greater feeling of relaxation. I can write what is on  the cushions of my heart with no worries of criticism, ridicule or rejection."

Over the years that she has written praises, Tzipporah has delved deeper into the 'mystery' of praises, realizing that there is a connection to the supernatural, "My reverence and even fear of the Most High is even deeper, knowing that He created praises as a form of protection for His people to use for combatting spiritual/ demonic attacks. When we read verse two in Psalms chapter eight we see that praises were designed to, as it reads, 'still the enemy and the avenger'. The word used there is 'strength'. David wrote ' thou ordained strength because of thine enemies. Well, I did a word-study of 'strength'. It is number five-seven-nine-seven in the Strong's Hebrew Concordance, and one of the synonyms for the Hebrew word 'ohz' is 'praise'. So, the definition reads 'strength in various applications 'force', 'security', 'majesty', 'praise'! A praise was ordained to confound, or still an enemy or avenger. Someone coming against you, someone sending witch craft or demonic attacks against you. You can diffuse the intensity of an attack by chanting a verse from the Book of Psalms, or from literally praising Him! It works. Just think about that for a second. How magnificent is our Creator! He is All-knowing, He knew that His people would be targeted and attacked by wicked kingdoms that would resent adn despise their complete fealty to a mono-theistic worship, and that would preach and rally against their pagan/ polytheistic practices and cultures. Paganism and idolatry is satanic at its foundations. They cast spells against their enemies, the put hexes on them. Then conjure up demons and send them against their enemies. A servant of the Almighty Yahuwah who is preaching against their 'gods' and idolatry is a tempting target - then and now! So, knowing this even before the world was framed, the Most High developed a weapon for His servants that would be available at, as the saying goes, the drop of a dime!

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Check out 'Heaven's Ink' from 'This Fiery Trial', a podcast presented by Hosted by Tzipporah Ibrim, she shares her on-going experiences as a victim of gang-stalking/ targeting.

All we have to do is open our mouths and start praising Him in sincerity, or open our mouth and start chanting verses from the Book of Psalms. If the believer doing this is in alignment with the Almighty, keeping His commandments, constantly praying, fasting, doing good deeds at home and in the community, well the Holy Spirit is already with them, so those ministering spirits - who are ordained to obey the voice of His precepts - will respond to the precepts in the verses being chanted and that attack will be diffused."

'Heaven's Ink' is the title to one of the podcast episodes presented by Artistic, hosted by Tzipporah Ibrim. She explains that it is a phrase she created to describe tears of joy and sorrow, but more than anything tears the flow when she often feels an outpouring








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of awe and other emotions over the wonders of Yahuwah Alohim, "One can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of amazement and just ... wonder, awe ... when you sit back and ponder on what He has created! From the ability to thwart a demonic attack by simply chanting a psalm, to the creation of field flowers, water, rain, grains.

I felt an overwhelming flash of emotion - like when an unexpected wave crashes down on you, and all around  you  - as it dawned on me that the Most High is, at the core, an Artist!! An Artist. This physical realm is His canvas. He created and birthed all art forms that we work with here on earth - He invented and used them first. The result of which is us, our existence. He is a Potter, a Sculptor, a Painter, a Carver, a Weaver, a Draftsman. A 'creator' is someone who 'makes' something; so is a 'designer', an 'inventor', all of which applies to the Almighty Father. This physical world and all that dwells therein, are the works of His Hands. I love it! My entire existence is one of His individual art projects. I am a unique, rare part to a much larger, greater work - eternity! There it is, another reason to praise the Most High!

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