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What Is A 'Targeted Individual'?

     Have you or someone you know experienced a sudden shift in attitudes/ energy from friends and family? Are co-workers starting to distance themselves from you, avoid you, not making eye contact? Maybe strangers or passing acquaintances are now giving you 'the evil-eye', focusing hatred and cruel feelings at you; perhaps people are following you, driving recklesssly around you, trying to get you in a car accident, tail-gating you. Is your e-mail, voice mail and computer being hacked? Are you getting hang up phone calls at all hours of the night?

     These are just a few of the more common occurrences that 'targeted individuals' experience. Another term for this social conflict is 'gang-stalking'. Well, rest assured you are not 'going crazy', you are not 'hallucinating'. Targeting, or gang-stalking is a wide-spread phenomenon that thousands of people are suffering. It is happening to individuals in all races, socio-economic classes, and genders. Ethnicity does not matter, nor your line of work, political affiliation or religion.

     This page is dedicated to all targeted individuals.  Articles, videos and web-links will provide information, testimonies and 'proof' that this phenomena is real. The editor-in-chief of this website is a targeted individual. Her testimony, or experiences can be viewed on an affiliated Youtube channel, Peculiar People, or on this web-site by clicking this link.

     If you are a victim of gang-stalking, or are a targeted individual, and you feel comfortable and safe enough, please contact us and share your experiences. We ask for your prayers for all victims of this wicked and cruel social conflict. Shalom.

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     Targeting/ Gang-stalking is evil. The perpetrators of this wickedness are very organized, well-connected and will stoop to ANY MEANS NECESSARY to ruin or destroy their victim. Many victims are outright killed or victims of suicide. Others eventually succumb to mental/ emotional illness and disorders. 

     Upon researching this vile phenomenon it will soon become clear that there is a satanic element involved. Many victims report experiencing disturbing, lewd, violent and repulsive dreams and nightmares; sleep paralysis, burning/ tingling/ itching sensations along the skin, and sleeping disorders. Others report hearing voices or suffering a constant bombardment of horrifying, lurid visions every hour of the day and night.

     Similar experiences are reported by SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) victims. There is definitely a correlation between gang-stalking and satanic attacks. Many victims of targeting/ stalking insist they are the same! Both of these traumatizing ordeals are referred to as 'spiritual wickedness in high places' (Eph. 6: 12).   

     While it is possible to press charges against the perpetrators - because it is so well-organized and dozens of individuals are involved - it does not guarantee that it will stop. One sure-fire solution to bring comfort and protection is embracing The Most High. He offers a hedge of protection around the righteous (Ps. 5:12) He promises us in His word that the wicked will NEVER develop a weapon that will prosper against His servants (Is. 54:17).

     If you are a victim of targeting/ gang-stalking, check out the videos below this article. Listen to what the "victims" are sharing. While they are still being targeted, their faith and commitment to our Heavenly Father, and spreading the Good News of the Messiah has brought both enlightenment, peace and strength. All of which are necessary if we are to withstand the fiery darts of the enemy. 

     Here is a list of some of the tactics that victims of gang-stalking have reported, and, again, note that they are very similar if not the exact same tactics reported by SRA victims:

  • Color-Coding: gang-stalking victims report that many of their perpetrators will wear clothing articles or items of a particular color and follow them around. Red is a very common color that they will wear, as well as black or combination of both. Some victims report that perps will wear other colors.


  • Noise Campaigns: gang-stalking perps will subject their victims to a constant bombardment of loud noises. They will play loud music in cars parked outside their house, encourage or even pay their neighbors to do the same; or perhaps someone will drive by or park in front of their home and honk their horn, or set off the car alarm. If their victim is in an apartment complex, perpetrators will bang on the walls or ceilings at odd hours of the night, play the television at high volume levels, throw wild, raucus parties; or engage in very loud, 'fake' arguments.

  • Phone Harassment: Gang-stalking victims report a constant barage of hang-up phone calls, automated phone calls offering bogus prizes, wrong numbers, etc.

  • Street Theatre: Gang-stalking perps will stage events in stores or in public. Often times re-enacting experiences from their victims' life: these 'performances' can be arguments, fights, pretending to get hit by a car, pretending to get caught shoplifting, etc.

  • Brightening: Gang-stalking victims report being followed by cars during the day with their headlights on (generally red or black vehicles) if they are driving, or driving by them if they are walking; many times the cars will have on only one headlight. 

  • Gas-lighting: Gang-stalking perpetrators will manipulate specific events, words and the actions of their victims so that they appear to be 'crazy', 'criminal' and/ or untrustworthy. they will break into their victims homes and move small items ( remote control units, CDs or DVDs, jewelry, etc.) to unusual areas within the victims home so that they question their reality and/ or memory. In some respects gas-lighting can be likened to a 'smear campaign' against their victim.  Perpetrators will approach their victim's family, friends and neighbors perhaps pretending to be a law or government official with claims of conducting an investigation against their victim. In many instances victims report that friends, neighbors and even co-workers have turned against them, helping their perpetrators.

  • Isolation: This tactic is often the result of gas-lighting. Victims are cut off from friends and family. Trust and support is minimal at best, to the point that many gang-stalking victims are left to fend for themselves.

  • Work-mobbing/ bullying: Co-workers who are a part of the gang-stalking campaign will start to harass their victim. Removing items from their work stations, piling on heavier work loads than usual with, bumping into them, giving them 'the evil/ stink eye', tripping them, setting them up through gas-lighting, forcing them to quit or getting them terminated.

     This is just a small list of tactics that perpetrators will use against their victim, or 'target'. An in depth and detailed list of the insidious actions of perpetrators can be found on the following web-site:

     As mentioned at the beginning of this article the list is included to show the similarity in methodologies between gang-stalking and satanic attacks. While many victims and advocates direct their focus on government sanctioned programs, community-based organizations and/or military weapons this spiritual element should not be ignored or under-rated.

     It is this author's belief that those other angles all boil down to spiritual warfare. What we are witnessing and experiencing in this physical realm is a manifestation of what is being played out in the spiritual realm. Anyone reading this article who is familiar with spiritual warfare will have noted this half-way through the list, if not sooner.That goes for any and all events (benign or malignant) in this physical plane.

     If anyone reading this list recognizes that these are tactics being used against them or someone they know do not be afraid or feel helpless/hopeless. There are solutions and counter-tactics that can be employed to ease their effects and even stop them. Get information on what you are experiencing. Information is power. For a list of suggestions you can start with this website,

or conduct your own search on the internet. Simply type in the phrase 'fighting gang-stalking tactics' or something along those lines. You will have several pages of websites in a matter of seconds! You are also encouraged to check out the videos in the other column on this page. These are You tube vids from empowered individuals who are still dealing with this social conflict but they are understanding, supportive and have lots of inspiration and information that can help you or your loved ones. 

   You are also encouraged to check out other pages on this website as well. Remember, the Most High "did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of  a sound mind" (2nd Tim. 1:7)'.

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