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Check out the 'Man Up' podcast section with Doug's interview on his YT Channel, 'That Gang-Stalking Show.

'Arm Yourselves With Knowledge!' interview with Doug, part one: Overcoming Fear

Support For A Fellow T.I.

Hey there, everybody! Thanks for checking out our Fundraising Page for Doug Jones, YT Creator and host of 'That Gang-Stalking Show'. If you're one of Doug's subscribers then you are aware that he has been dealing with an area that generally all Targeted/ Empowered Individuals struggle with: financial hardships.

Here at we are committed to supporting T.I.s in whatever way possible to help either overcome and/ or endure this unfair and unethical oppression. Fundraising is a way for all of us to participate and show support. Doug is an Empowered Individual whose YT content has been both informative and inspiring, and he has also represented the rest of us on a news/ podcast, Man Up on Censor TV helping to shed light on what is still incredibly unknown to the majority of people. By raising awareness of our situation, he has helped us all out.

Please show your support by purchasing any of the items we are making available through the on-line store, Zazzle. They make great gifts and are an excellent way to raise awareness about gang-stalking! Oh, and for all inquiring minds, no, will get NONE OF THE PROCEEDS! 

Click here for 'That Gang-Stalking Show' fundraiser collection on

'Arm Yourselves With Knowledge!' interview with Doug, part two: all about perps

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