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 Our booklets and pamphlets are ideal for providing basic information and answers to questions about the The Messiah, Yahushuwah (mistakenly called Jesus) and the real, original ethnicity of descendants of the so-called 'African' slave trade. 


All booklets and pamphlets can be printed or downloaded for free! Below is a list of available literature. You can read them here on the website or download them and/or print them to share with others. 



Good News Literature:





Post Cards

  • Black Americans Are Hebrew-Israelites

  • "You still think Jesus is WHITE?!"


 To read a sample page of the booklet click on the booklet, or the title of the book to enjoy the full article on our sister web-site, !

Black People Are Hebrews

This pamphlet provides excellent source material on a few of the so-called "African" tribes that were pillaged and raided by European slavers to fill their cargo ships. While word of the Black American's true ethnicity is spreading, there are many who do not know or have access to historical sources on this subject. 


'Black People Are Hebrews' is a one page, three-fold pamphlet with brief facts on the Ibo/ Igbo tribe of W. Africa. Citations on the Ashanti and Fulani tribes are also included. The titles and authors of the books are provided for anyone wanting to follow up on the information. 


Not only that, this pamphlet lists several Youtube channels of various Hebrew-Israelite organizations and camps. Each group is unique and different in their beliefs but they all hold one thing in common: Black people are Hebrews.  


'Is Ahayah The Sacred Name Of The Creator?

Black People Are Hebrew-Israelites



'Did You Know Jesus Was Black?

     This booklet provides scholarly information confirming that the Hebrew Messiah, who the world mistakingly calls 'Jesus' was actually a Black man.


     It also offers scientific

evidence proving that the

original, Ancient

Hebrews were also Black.  

Feel free to read a few pages!!








'Is Ahayah The Sacred Name Of Our Creator?




 What is the Name of the Creator? There are many different names given for our Creator: Yahweh, Jehovah, etc. One name that is gaining in popularity is the name 'Ahayah', as found in the Masoretic translation of the Hebrew Scriptures. It is taken from the title 'I Am That I Am', the Hebrew translation is 'Ahayah Asher Ahayah'.




Many believers are purporting that this is the Sacred Name that our Ancient Hebrew ancestors called upon for blessings, protection, praise and forgiveness. Is that really His Name? This article discusses the erroneous evidence surrounding this mistaken name; and also provides clear, concise proof that the Name of the Creator of heaven and earth is Yahuwah! 

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In The Volume Of praise - 

Enjoy this collection of five smaller works of praise for the Almighty and His Son, Yahushuwah, the Messiah by Bay Area poet/ artist Tzipporah Ibrim.

ATTENTION: All books, booklets, articles and pamphlets were written by P. McMillon. All booklets, articles and pamphlets are copy-written and are  a legally owned, and controlled by P.McMillon; reproducing and copying any of their written content, aside from appropriate citations and references in other written works is prohibited without express, written permission from P. McMillon.

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