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Postcards of editorial cartoons created in most vlog-cast episodes are available here!

Vlog-cast Trailer!!

For The Pulling Down Of StrongHolds
Premiere Episode
(By Invitation Only!!) 

Shalom!! If you're reading this then you received and accepted our invitation to be a part of the viewing of's newest program, For The Pulling Down Of Strong Holds. It is a vlog-cast for Messianic T.I.s striving to serve and help the Most High and His Messiah deliver souls ensnared by the deceptive and even dangerous doctrines and traditions in organized Christianity. 

 In keeping with the invitation, we ask that you leave a comment on your impression of this first episode.  After the first five comments are reviewed and considered, the ministry will make the rest of the episodes available on the official You Tube channel. So, you're in luck!!

Are the audio levels comfortable enough? How about the music selections, too dramatic or intrusive? Are the visuals too 'busy'? Your input will help develope the rest of this new series - awesome!! The ministry appreciates your support and suggestions. thank you.

Here's a link to the web page for info on purchasing copies of the postcard 'The Problem With Christians'.

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