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Creative Literature






The people of the Most High have always been an expressive, creative people. Moses, the Lawgiver sang a song of praise and triumph to Yahuwah, and Miriam and the women of Yasherun danced to commemorate their victory over the Egyptians on the shores of the Red Sea. King Dawud danced before the Almighty. The art of weaving, carpentry and metallurgy brought about the Ark of the Covenant and the Holiest of Holies in the wilderness. Yes, we are a creative people!


Impressive and enduring literary expressions are still prevalent amongst our people; be it poetry, prose or even spoken word, Hebrews have carved an undeniable and profound watermark. Artistic Ministry offers brilliant, creative, gospel expressions that can be used to share our beliefs and testimonies. Feel free to browse through the interesting assortment of creative literary expressions and share them with others. Poetry, fiction, graphic novels, haiku and even comics - we've got it! All can be used as a means of conversing about many interesting and important truths; such as the true Name of the Almighty, the  Good News of Yahushuwah,  or the awakening of the House of Jacob in the last days. 


There are so many ways to take part in the work of the Almighty. While many feel moved to preach the Word in public venues, i.e. street corners, churches, radio or other mass communication platforms (Youtube, Blogtalk Radio, Pal-Talk, etc.) there are also personal, or private arenas that can be just as effective. A poet or painter at work in their den or studio can also create passionate and inspiring works that bring others to the truth. That is the hope and purpose behind this artistic ministry: to wake up Hebrews and Gentiles to the Good News, and encourage them to investigate, study and pray.

















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